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What to Expect From Our Courses and Services

Learn more about our courses from the registration process all the way to test day. Jump Ahead:

Before Your First Class

How to Prepare For Your Prep Course

Registering for a Class

We offer a variety of schedules in preparation for each official test date. Select your test date and then choose the location that best fits your scheduling needs. Not sure when you’re testing? View SAT test dates at and ACT test dates at

We allow students the flexibility to mix-and-match among any of our courses to accommodate individual scheduling needs. You can also find a Make-Up Class if you run into schedule conflicts. 

Register quickly and easily online or over the phone, (512) 453-7272

Choose a test below to start your registration process!

Prepare for Your Class

If you have previous scores, jot them down or have them available at the first class so you can better track your progress and reassess your goals as you move through the course. If you don’t have previous scores, we have tools to help you track your progress throughout the course.

Students may also sit for a practice test any time before their first class, but they are not required to. Start looking at score requirements and trends at the colleges and universities you are considering applying to so you have an idea of the score range you need to target.

We’ll discuss this more at your first class!

If your class meets in person, you will receive all necessary course materials on your first day of class. Simply show up with a pencil and a calculator to your first class! If your class meets online, you will need to arrange for a time to come pick up your class materials (from our Westlake office) prior to your first day of class.

If you enroll in our Digital SAT class, you’ll need a College Board-approved device, with College Board’s Bluebook Exams Application downloaded. Students will need their College Board login to access the application.*


*Students who have taken a PSAT or SAT should have a College Board Login. If you are unsure of you login information, follow the prompts for help logging in on the College Board website. Never create a new, duplicate College Board account.

Don’t forget to register for the official test that corresponds with your prep course. Visit or to register for the official test before the deadline.

We will send you a reminder email as your first class date approaches with detailed course information.

During the Course

Important Info for Classes and Tutoring

Each class focuses on a specific topic (i.e. math, reading, etc.). Students will be able to master the various question types they will encounter on the official test after learning how to tackle all four sections of the test.

Our techniques give students the knowledge and skills they need to conquer the SAT or ACT with confidence through content review, strategy, and timing. Students are given timed sections to complete as homework between classes.

We are so confident in our program that we guarantee results or your money back. Students who complete the basic course requirements should expect to see a 100-point increase in our PSAT/SAT program and a 2-point increase in our ACT program. Our basic course requirements are: attend all classes, complete all assigned work, and sit for at least one practice test (during the course and before the official test).

Those who do more may expect more! Supplement your course with private tutoring. Comb through practice tests or coursework with a private tutor and find ways to maximize your score. Classroom students enjoy discounted private tutoring rates and packages!

Take advantage of our unlimited return privileges, unlimited practice tests, and practice test reviews. These services are included in the course enrollment fee.

Practice on timed sections is an important part of your test prep and essential to student success, so we assign timed homework to be completed before each class. Homework assignments should never take longer than any given section on the official test.

Students enrolled in an in-person class will receive a stamp sheet with their course materials. This stamp sheet lists all homework assignments for each class. Students must keep this stamp sheet for their records. Students must complete all assignments and show their work to an instructor for credit.

In-person students will receive a stamp for each completed assignment. Online students will submit their coursework digitally.

Practice Tests & Makeup Classes

Two of the many ways we make it easy for you to improve your test scores.

Our students are required to take at least one practice test during their course, before taking their official test. We encourage motivated students to take multiple practice tests to gauge their progress.

Students are required to attend all classes. Students with scheduling conflicts or who miss a class have the flexibility to make up the content using any of our other class schedules.

Official Test Information and Results

Important Info for Classes and Tutoring

Official Info

Students must register for the official test at (SAT) or (ACT). Results normally arrive within a couple of weeks. Read more about the official test dates.

Interested in private tutoring?
Call our office to schedule an appointment. (512) 453-7272

Students who complete all course requirements and who do not improve by at least 100 points on the SAT or 2 points on the ACT may be eligible for our money-back guarantee.

Review Your Official Test Results

Take advantage of unlimited return privileges and discounted private tutoring!

We always recommend students take the official test at least twice. Whether you need to boost your score to meet admission requirements or for scholarship purposes, you can retake our class to brush up as many times as needed! Simply choose another test date and register for a class as a returning student at no additional cost!

Next Steps

What to Do After Taking the SAT or ACT

Once you have the test scores you need for the schools you are applying to, it’s time to compose compelling application essays and complete the application process. MTAT students receive $100 off our College Essay Workshop.

Our college advisor helps students with any of their application needs, including but not limited to:

  • Building or narrowing college lists
  • Building/editing resumes
  • Searching for scholarship opportunities
  • Drafting/editing essays and supplemental writing requirements
  • Preparing for interviews, and more!

More Than a Teacher FAQs

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check our generic FAQ page or contact us with any questions you may have by phone at (512) 453-7272

Practice tests benefit students at every stage of test prep. Take one before you start your class or private tutoring to have a baseline score and something to go over with your tutor. Take one during your class to gauge your improvement and recognize areas that need help. Take one after your class to see how far you’ve come.

Sitting in on a proctored practice test also gives students insight into how the official test will feel and offers them an opportunity to overcome testing anxiety. We only require our classroom students to take one test during their class, but we want each student to take advantage of our unlimited practice tests!

Colleges will accept both SAT and ACT scores for admission, but students do not need to take both. While it’s becoming common for students to try both the SAT and the ACT, it can be exhausting preparing for both.

We recommend trying a practice test for each test first. Then you can compare your scores using our SAT vs ACT conversion chart. Still unsure about which test to start with? You can schedule a free consultation with one of our test prep experts to help you determine which test you should target for college admission. Are you an overachiever who wants to take both? That’s okay too! We’ll even give you a discount if you enroll in both SAT and ACT prep classes.

The group class is a great value and a good way for students to prepare for the test in a classroom setting. Some students benefit from something more individualized and prefer to work one-on-one with an instructor. Others may have a challenging schedule or just want to focus on key areas or the SAT or ACT. We offer both private tutoring and group classes or you can combine the two for a truly custom approach.

We provide both our own curriculum and a copy of one of the books below. These materials are included in the cost of the course. The manual we have developed includes test-taking strategies, review of content, and a series of quizzes and homework questions to improve your performance.

For our PSAT and SAT classes we use The College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide (2020 edition).

For our ACT class we use ACT Inc.’s The Official ACT Prep Guide (2021-2022 edition).

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