More Than a Teacher Make-Up Classes

Sometimes a student has a conflict or misses a class due to illness. We do everything we can to help students make up any class material they missed before the official test.

Search available classes below to find a make-up class that works for you.

Make-Up Class FAQs

Browse through our Make-Up Class Frequently Asked Questions.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Check our generic FAQ page or contact us with any questions you may have by phone at (512) 453-7272

As long as a class schedule says “seats available” you may attend any class as a make up without calling ahead or registering.

You may attend as many make-up classes as you need! With our returning privileges, you may take and retake as many of our classes as you’d like from various schedules. Please see the note about registering. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 512-453-7272!

Yes. If you normally take 2 hour classes, you will see repeated information in our 3 hour classes due to the organization of the classes.

No. If you normally take 3-hour classes, a 2-hour class will not cover the information needed to fulfill your class schedule. Depending on the class topic, you may choose to take two 2-hour classes to make up one 3-hour class. Call us for details 512-453-7272

Email our office ([email protected]) to request the link. Please include the course number and class topic (i.e Reading 2). If you are unsure of the course name, include the date and time you would like to attend.