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More Than a Teacher helped me achieve [my] goals by showing me that I could take the ACT and do well, if I put my all into it. The way the class is structured, you get out of it what you put into it. I found the tricks that we were taught and the practice problems the most helpful because I am very geared towards learning by doing. The people at More Than A Teacher are always willing to help, and the amount of after session questions and extra help I had led me to my most success. They care so much for each student and put so many hours into each class.

"I am eternally grateful for all the help More Than a Teacher has provided me. [My tutor] was incredible and, thanks to him, I was able to not only achieve but exceed the scores we worked towards. The doors that have opened for me are incredible and I could not have done it without [my SAT tutor] and the help of More Than a Teacher."

“I found the most helpful part of More Than A Teacher was the small tips and tricks. I used all the tricks I learned (and they worked)! Obviously, the big 5-point difference on my ACT was thanks to More Than A Teacher.”

“My daughter took your course over the summer, and through hard work earned the honor of becoming a National Merit Scholar Semi-finalist. One of the reasons she liked More Than a Teacher is because it wasn’t as intense or as time consuming as some of the programs out there yet still more comprehensive than others. It was a nice medium ground where students can put in more work at their leisure as well as attend the classes.”

"More Than A Teacher put me in an amazing position for the college application process. With the help of their SAT Prep course, I was able to raise my SAT score by 160 points to find myself qualified for numerous academic scholarships. I loved the hands-on approach in the course. The instructors were more than happy to answer all of my questions over the material, and even stay after to explain topics that I didn’t understand. Overall, I liked the course’s structure, the timed assignments, and the practice tests which properly oriented me for the real thing."

“Every instructor at MTAT pointed me in the right direction. The instructors were all super informed about test taking skills, College Board, and university expectations. Another aspect I found amazing was the openness and positivity of everyone from the MTAT staff. The teachers relate with the students and provide a terrific atmosphere to be in. I felt way more confident about my applications as well as my test scores after I went through the program.”

“I first attended a More Than a Teacher SAT prep over the summer before my junior year. They taught me many useful tips and tricks, and I was astonished to find that my SAT score had gone up by about 200 points. I am overjoyed!”

“With two weeks before the deadline [my MTAT tutor] helped me write three essays that eventually got me into my dream school! Everyone there was so helpful and led me through a very stressful time!"

"I would like to attend a business school at UTAustin, NYU, or UPenn. More Than A Teacher helped me get a step closer to these top tier schools because of the high ACT score I was able to achieve. I found that the personalization and flexibility with the private course was the most helpful, as you could just ask your teachers to focus on a certain portion of the test. I improved on all sections but the most progress happened in the science section, where I actually ended up getting a perfect score on the actual exam."

“More Than A Teacher helped me realize that with the right motivation and work, I can accomplish what I put my mind to academically. They also really helped build on my pre-existing skills so I was able to reach all of my goals the right way.”

“More Than a Teacher gave me the push I needed to become a National Merit Scholar. The extensive practice tests, knowledgeable staff, and well-structured curriculum led to rapid improvement of my scores. Now, I have a full academic scholarship to Texas A&M thanks to high PSAT and SAT scores made possible by our investment in MTAT!”

"After participating in several rounds of PSAT/SAT prep as well as practice tests with More Than a Teacher, I found I was in good shape with the Math, but I was looking for ways to get those last few points in Writing and Reading. In private tutoring sessions, I learned strategies for how to approach the harder questions and was surprised to find that there was an almost algorithmic approach I could take even on the Reading, which matches my personality very well. The team at More Than a Teacher was in tune with what I needed to be successful. The end results were exactly what I was hoping for, and I am thankful I worked with Kim and the team."

"My counselor encouraged me to take the More Than A Teacher PSAT class, and although reluctant at first, I quickly realized an improvement in my test taking abilities. The MTAT class was formatted to break down the test into small sections of material, which alleviated the stress associated with going into the test blind. I had previously struggled with seeing zero improvement in my reading and writing sections. With MTAT, I was able to familiarize myself with the way that reading questions were asked and I received strategies to help me get through the passages faster. I went from barely being able to finish a reading section to having enough time to go back and check all of my work within the time limit. After seeing a 200 point jump in my scores, I would absolutely recommend the class to anyone who is interested in improving their scores to National Merit levels. I am a firm believer in the MTAT magic."

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