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SAT and ACT Practice Test Reviews

After completing a practice test with More Than A Teacher, students are invited to review their results and ask specific test-related questions for a better understanding of their scores and how they can improve.

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What to Expect From Our Practice Test Reviews

The $15 registration fee is waived for students enrolled in a MTAT course. Students enrolled in a course must complete at least one practice test during their course.

Students leave with their scores and their test packet, so they can review their results and know exactly what to work on before their official SAT or ACT.

Students should bring pencils and a calculator to their scheduled practice test, and arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Students arriving late will not have time to complete the entire practice test and may be sent home.

Students practice on real PSAT, SAT, and ACTs under real testing conditions. Cell phones must be turned off to avoid distractions. Students are given a short break. Bottled water and/or snacks are permitted during the break.

After completing the final section, the proctor will help students grade their exams. All students will leave with a completed and graded practice test and will know exactly what they missed! Students should keep their graded practice tests for their records.

Students enrolled in a MTAT class or participating in MTAT private tutoring should plan to stay for the practice test review if one is offered.

SAT and ACT Practice Test FAQs

Students should show up 10 minutes before the test starts with a calculator and sharpened pencils. Bottled water and a snack are optional.

Only you, your parents, and our More Than A Teacher staff will see your practice test grades. Although we use retired PSAT, SAT, and ACTs, we do not release grades to anyone.

PSAT: 2 hours, 45 minutes
The PSAT consists of 4 sections (60, 35, 25, and 45 minutes respectively). You are given a 5-minute break after the 2nd section.

SAT: 3 hours
The SAT consists of 4 multiple-choice sections (65, 35, 25, and 55 minutes respectively). You are given a 5-minute break after the 2nd section.

ACT: 2 hours, 55 minutes
The ACT consists of one 40-minute writing section and 4 multiple-choice sections (45, 60, 35, and 35 minutes respectively). You are given a 5-minute break after the 2nd section.

Now! Practice tests benefit students at every stage of test prep. Take one before you start your class or private tutoring to have a baseline score and something to go over with your tutor. Take one during your class to gauge your improvement and recognize areas that need help. Take one after your class to see how far you’ve come. Sitting in on a proctored practice test also gives students insight into how the official test will feel and offers them an opportunity to overcome testing anxiety. We only require our classroom students to take one test during their class, but we want each student to take advantage of our unlimited practice tests!

Students will grade their practice tests immediately after the test. Being aware of how a test is graded and knowing what questions were missed is an essential piece of the testing strategy.

We only administer official practice PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests released by The College Board or ACT Inc. (the official makers of the test). We have 10 practice SATs, 2 practice PSATs, and 9 practice ACTs that we can offer. Students should keep track of which tests they have taken to avoid repeating the same practice test when possible.

Because we only use official materials, we have a limited number of practice tests we offer. Students who have completed all of our practice tests, but want to continue to practice on full-length PSATs, SATs, and ACTs should consider retaking a test they have already done, taking into consideration how much time has passed since they have seen the content. Unless a student is consistently leaving with a perfect score, there is always room for improvement! If a student repeats a test, he/she should look over their wrong answers and may compare it to the last test they took. Are they missing the same questions or different ones?

Please call our office (512-453-7272) if your student has been granted any testing accommodations by College Board or ACT and you would like to take a practice test. Students needing to test with accommodations are encouraged to test from home with the same accommodations as granted on their official test. We cannot guarantee accommodations will be provided during our proctored exams.