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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident about our techniques that we offer this unmatched guarantee for all of our full PSAT, SAT, or ACT classroom programs.

A 100-point increase for PSAT/SAT students and a 2-point increase for ACT students.

All guarantees are contingent on the fulfillment of course requirements and based on official test scores. 

Unlimited Return Policy

As part of our program, we allow students who have come through a class to return and take all or part of that class as a refresher, as many times as needed, at no extra charge!

Make-Up Classes

Because we know students are busy, we provide flexibility by allowing students to mix & match and attend classes from different schedules and at different locations, as availability allows. See our Make-Up Classes and Private Tutoring options.

Class Withdrawal Policy

There is never a fee to change to a different schedule of the same class type. However, if you wish to withdraw from a class, we will happily refund your registration cost minus a $50 administrative fee.

Private Tutoring Cancellation Policy

We understand that students may need to cancel an appointment due to scheduling conflicts, illness, etc. If you elect to cancel an appointment, please contact our office at (512) 453-7272 during our regularly scheduled business hours, at least 24 hours before your appointment. Any cancellations or modifications after this deadline will incur a charge equal to that of the scheduled appointment. Weekend and Monday appointments need to be cancelled before the office closes on Friday.

To be eligible for a full or partial refund, students must accomplish the following:

  • Students are responsible for attending each class (this includes staying for the duration of the class and arriving prepared with all materials).
  • Completing and grading all assigned homework before class and filling out the progress grid on the back of the stamp sheet.
  • Sitting for at least one MTAT-proctored practice test during their course.
  • Ensuring the attendance / homework record is kept current.
  • Students are responsible for providing proof of fulfilling course requirements by submitting a copy of their original stamp sheet in the event a refund is requested.
More Than a Teacher guarantees a 100-point increase to any student who fulfills the requirements of the SAT course.

The score increase will be based on a student’s highest previous official score on a PSAT (the SAT equivalent score) or SAT. The refund amount is prorated based on the amount of the score increase. For example, if the score goes up 60 points, then the student is refunded 40% of the registration cost for the 40-point deficit. We guarantee a two-point increase to any student who fulfills the requirements of the ACT course. The score increase will be based on a student’s highest previous official score on an ACT. A one-point increase is equal to a 50% refund on the ACT. Refunds are limited to no more than the cost of registration.