PSAT Classes

The following schools offer More Than a Teacher prep courses on campus during the school day. Please click on your school for details:
Ann Richards, Dripping Springs H.S., Hill Country ChristianRegents, St. Dominic Savio, St. Michael’s

The PSAT/NMSQT is offered every fall semester to juniors.* Our PSAT courses are offered in a variety of schedules throughout the summer and fall, leading up to the official test date. The registration fee is $699. Tuition includes:

  • eight 2-hour classroom sessions, covering every type of question students will encounter on the PSAT test.
  • official PSAT/SAT study guide released by The College Board.
  • unlimited return privileges to any PSAT and SAT preparation class at no additional cost!
  • unlimited practice tests and group tutorials!
  • unbeatable money-back guarantee!


Our teachers are the best in the industry! We don’t just hire people who ace the tests — our teachers are experienced educators skilled at breaking down the material in an accessible way, while still creating an upbeat learning environment. Better teachers mean better results.

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Practice on actual PSATs is a vital part of doing well on the test. For this reason, we schedule PSAT and SAT practice tests throughout the course. Though students are required to complete at least one practice test as part of our money back guarantee, they are encouraged to take additional tests as they acquire new skills. Practice tests are always FREE for students enrolled in a course (normally $15)!

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*Juniors, be sure to check with your counselor to confirm your registration and test date!
Freshmen and sophomores who want to start preparing early are encouraged to enroll in a PSAT boot camp and/or participate in private tutoring to gain tailored instruction that matches their grade level and skills.


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