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Do you have questions about the PSAT, SAT, or ACT? Not sure who to ask?

Join us at one of our upcoming seminars and let us help!
At More Than A Teacher, we specialize in helping families understand the college admissions testing process by providing the following:
  • Testing Timeline (when should I test?)
  • Test Comparison Table (what’s on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT?)
  • Scores and Scholarship Table (what scores do I need to maximize admission and scholarship opportunities?)
  • Courses and Tutoring (how do I prepare in order to get the score or scholarship outcome I’m hoping for?)

New PSAT and SAT Classes Added in Lakeway and SW Austin!

Juniors, prepare for the October PSAT in before the upcoming school year starts and return to future PSAT and SAT classes for FREE! Click here to view schedules in Lakeway or here to view schedules near Bowie High School!

Seniors, it’s not too late to get the score you need for college admission and scholarship. Prepare for the August SAT in before the school year starts! Click here to view schedules in Lakeway or here to view schedules near Bowie High School!

Back to School Math Reviews!

Start the year off right; get a head start on your upcoming Algebra II or Precal class by joining one of our 3-day courses to review the concepts you’ll need to know for the upcoming school year. Click the links provided to view schedule details and to reserve your seat today!

Students entering Algebra II:

North Austin

Students entering PreCal:

North Austin