We love to hear from students who have completed our courses. Let MTAT help turn your student into a success story!

“My daughter took your course over the summer of 2017, and through hard work has earned the honor of becoming national merit scholar semi-finalist.  Maria said she learned new skills and strategies from taking the More Than a Teacher course.  Her SAT score is 1560 and ACT is 35.  We are very pleased that she benefited from your course. One of the reasons Maria liked More Than a Teacher is because it wasn’t as intense or as time consuming as some of the programs out there yet still more comprehensive than others.  It was a nice medium ground where students can put in more work at their leisure as well as attend the classes.”
– Westwood High School, Co2019

“I found the most helpful part of More Than A Teacher was the small tips and tricks. I used all the tricks I learned (and they worked)! Obviously, the big 5-point difference was thanks to More Than A Teacher.”








-Payne W. class of 2019, Lake Travis H.S.


“I completed a PSAT prep course, took numerous SAT and ACT practice tests, took the college essay workshop, received tutoring for my Math II Subject test, and I work with Patrick on my college essays. I improved my SAT by 140 points and my Math II Subject test by 200 points! I have a long list of schools that are all competitive to get into, so it’s too soon to call where I will be going. I appreciate all of the support More Than A Teacher has given me.”






-Abby S. class of 2018, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School


“I first attended a More Than a Teacher SAT prep over the summer before my junior year. They taught me many useful tips and tricks, and I was astonished to find that my SAT score had gone up by about 200 points. I was overjoyed! A couple months passed, and I went back for a quick review session before my next SAT. My tutor, Patrick, gave me a great one-on-one session that focused in on my weaknesses and helped me understand what I was getting wrong. Afterwards, my score rose by another 50 points.

Senior year was coming fast, and I attended More Than a Teacher’s college essay workshop. I was introduced to the dos and don’ts of college essay writing and got great pointers. In addition, I got three private sessions with a tutor to look over and edit my paper. I chose my last tutor, Patrick, to help me review my eight different essays. By the end of the sessions, I had polished my college essays and had them ready to be sent out to the universities.

I’m so glad I went to More Than a Teacher. They are an enthusiastic group of people who want to help kids succeed. Thank you guys so much on helping me on my way to college!”

-Ellen O. class of 2018, Westwood High School

“My counsInline image 1elor encouraged me to take the More Than A Teacher PSAT class, and although reluctant at first, I quickly realized an improvement in my test taking abilities. The MTAT class was formatted to break down the test into small sections of material, which alleviated the stress associated with going into the test blind. I had previously struggled with seeing zero improvement in my reading and writing sections, but with help from my instructor, I was able to familiarize myself with the way that reading questions were asked and was taught strategies to help me get through the passages faster. I went from barely being able to finish a reading section to having enough time to go back and check all of my work within the time limit. After seeing a 200 point jump in my scores, I would absolutely recommend the class to anyone who is interested in improving their scores to National Merit levels. I am a firm believer in the MTAT magic.”


-Kendall B. class of 2017, LASA


“Every instructor at MTAT pointed me in the right direction. The instructors were all super informed about test taking skills, College Board, and university expectations. Another aspect I found amazing was the openness and positivity of everyone from the MTAT staff. The teachers relate with the students and provide a terrific atmosphere to be in. If I had to attend high school all over again, I would have chosen to start training with MTAT from the very beginning of my freshman year. Repetition and practice is key! I would definitely advise any high school students to take advantage of the opportunities MTAT provides. For me personally, I felt way more confident about my applications as well as my test scores after I went through the program. PS: A very big thank you to Kim L. – the key to my success at MTAT. Much appreciation.”

                                                                                                                                                                                            -Maria T, Cedar Park HS class of 2016


“The practice tests and tutoring that occurred afterwards was definitely the best part of the program. The fact that I was able to come back and practice my skills and then look at exactly what I did wrong allowed me to continually get better by honing in on what skills I needed to improve.”




– Jonathan I, Hill Country Christian class of 2015


“More Than a Teacher gave me the push I needed to become a National Merit Scholar. The extensive practice tests, knowledgeable staff, and well-structured curriculum led to rapid improvement of my scores. Now, I have a full academic scholarship to Texas A&M thanks to high PSAT and SAT scores made possible by our investment in MTAT!”      

-Zac R, Vista Ridge HS class of 2015                                                    



“When it comes to college admissions, a lot of the process is about how you market yourself. Many times the only way the university can get to know you is through your essay, so it is critical that the reader receives what you are really trying to say … (More Than A Teacher’s College Essay) revision process really helped me take my essays to the level they needed to be to get me into the universities on my list.”

-Christina W, Cedar Park HS class of 2015


“My daughter took MTAT test prep during her junior year and raised her score by more than 200 points, enabling her to get a reduction in out of state fees for her university of choice.  My second child started a bit earlier and persevered more. He ultimately got a full tuition scholarship due to his near perfect scores.  The material gives you a strategic advantage, and the repeated practice tests reduce the stress which can lead to poor performance.  They have a winning formula.  It saved my family thousands on college tuition.  WORTH IT.”
– Lisa H. (Yelp.com review)