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New Online ACT Will Be Ready for Spring Testers in 2024

Starting in February of 2024, students will have the option to take the ACT online on a computer at an approved testing center. The content and format of the ACT is not changing. Students simply have the option of paper-and-pencil or online when registering.

The students who will benefit most from choosing the computer test are those with accommodations that have proven difficult to implement on the paper test. A text-to-speech option, for example, eliminates the need for a human reader. The ability to zoom in will help the visually impaired.

Of course, most students don’t require these accommodations, but some may prefer the online format, which includes an onscreen timer. For students who opt to take the essay, typing may be easier than writing by hand. The online test also includes a built-in Desmos calculator, which some students may prefer to a regular graphing calculator.

You can read more about the new online ACT here. If you would like to discuss test options with one of our experts, call or email for a free consultation!