Algebra II Final Exam Review (WL-02)

Course #: Alg2RevWL1805-02

Westlake, Austin, Texas-MTAT Office

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday, 5/20/18, 6:30p-8:30p
Monday, 5/21/18, 6:30p-8:30p

This two-session class is designed to help students review for final exams in on-level or Pre-AP/Pre-IB Algebra II courses in Austin-area high schools.

Review materials will be provided.  The tentative schedule of topics for each session is listed below.
First session (Sunday, May 20th, 6:30p-8:30p)
  • Sets of numbers
  • Rational expressions
  • Radical expressions
  • Complex numbers
  • Absolute value equations and inequalities
  • Quadratic equations
    • Discriminants
    • Irrational solutions
    • Complex solutions
  • Polynomial equations (including irrational and complex solutions)
  • Radical and rational equations
  • Exponential and logarithmic equations
    • Properties of logarithms
    • Change of base formula
    • Expanding and condensing logarithms
  • Parent functions
Second session (Monday, May 21st, 6:30p-8:30p)
  • Graphing functions (linear, absolute value, quadratic, cubic, quartic, square root, cube root, exponential, logarithmic, and reciprocal)
    • Domain/range
    • Intercepts
    • Zeros/factors (including multiplicities)
    • Increasing/decreasing intervals
    • Maxima/minima
    • End behavior
    • Asymptotes
  • Transformations of functions (and how to graph them)
  • Non-linear systems of equations
  • Line/curve of best fit
  • Operations on functions/composition of functions
  • Inverses of functions
  • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
  • Matrices

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