Hill Country Digital SAT 9-23-2023

Hill Country Christian School of Austin

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Take a practice PSAT on campus at HCC!


This is a Digital PSAT practice test. Students must bring their own device and have downloaded the Bluebook App. in advance in order to sit for this practice test.

BEFORE YOUR TEST: Download the Blue Book app onto an approved device.

How to find Bluebook on Chromebook/PC:

  • Log out of your computer completely
  • Before logging in again, click on Apps found in the lower left corner of your¬†desktop
  • Find the Bluebook icon (dark blue background with white star)

How to find Bluebook on Mac

  • Click on Launchpad
  • Find the Bluebook icon (dark blue background with white star)

Students will need to know their College Board log in and password in order to participate. If a student has taken a PSAT or SAT at school, they have a College Board account. Students SHOULD NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT! This can cause issues with scores later. Once you have accessed your College Board account, write your log in and password on a notecard or post it to bring with you for the practice test.

Student Registration