Back to School Math Reviews

Get ahead on your math class this school year! Review what you learned last year, and what you will need mastery of for the coming school year. With many students participating in online/distanced learning, why not start this school year off with your best foot forward?

We are offering in-person and online math reviews for students entering PreCal. Each review is a total of 6 hours: 3 2-hour sessions. We will review topics you’ll need to succeed in your upcoming math class and provide break out sessions for you to get individualized help in areas you struggle with.

Use the registration buttons provided to register now, or call our office (512-453-7272) for more information! In order to maintain proper social distancing during our in-person classes, seating is limited. Classes will fill on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, all students will be required to wear a face mask and complete a health screening form.